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We carry out revision and repairs to welded gas cylinders for liquid gas and refrigerant in accordance with ADR, RL 2010/35/EU, DIN EN 1803, DIN EN 1440 and thereby guarantee long usage periods for your cylinders.

The revision of composite cylinders is carried out in accordance with ADR/RID as well as P200, RL 2010/35/EU, EN ISO 11623, DIN EN 1440 (Annex D) and thereby enables a new usage period for the cylinders.

Revision procedure

Degasing - thermal paint stripping - repair - labelling – 100 percent pressure test – inspection and internal cleaning

Our testing services

  • Leakage test with air for a high rate of defect identification
  • High-quality corrosion protection and surface treatment through the use of environmentally friendly powder coating
  • Inside of container clean and dry
  • Use of cylinder valves with safety devices, EC-approval and suitability for a 15-year usage period
  • Installation of the old or a new protection cap (not for refrigerant or composite cylinders)
  • Ink-jet-printing of the usage dates twice on the top part of the cylinder
  • Identification in accordance with legal requirements
  • New testing of the cylinder’s conformity to DIN EN 1442 and current appraisals

Our client services

  • Applying of client embossments and stickers
  • ”Company logo” silkscreen print on client request
  • Pick-up / Delivery on Grünhain pallets (from an amount of 2.2 tons this service is free of charge to any destination in Central Europe)

The Grünhain GmbH gas cylinder production plant is certified according to guideline 2010/35/EU, ADR, RID. The supervision of production is carried out in accordance with the above-mentioned guideline through the in-house testing service, which is certified in accordance with point and ADR/RID. 
The certification was carried out by the SGS-TÜV Saar.